Sunday, December 4, 2011

Taipei Voyage

Anne Marie went to work at a Orphanage for a few days near Taipei. So we went up a day early to enjoy the rainy day. This is the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial.

Many people gathered to watch the changing of guards. They went through this long little performance to switch the guards posted. After it was done two guards stood staring, across from each other not moving for anything.

Underneath/inside the building is a art gallery among other things and little souvenir shops.

 We then were taken to this very populated temple. There was lines of people coming here to worship.

A strange feeling came over me, as I watched one of the students that was with me go over to worship while we were there standing with her. It just helped me to realize the reality of it a little more.

We then walked down to an old street. The old buildings were filled with contemporary strange art. The picture to the left was taken in a room down a strange hall way. The rooms only had a chair in them, with headsets hanging from the ceiling. You sit down and listen to the strange noises.
Is that the Shell gas station logo?

This one was my favorite, though it was hard to photograph. It was in a completely dark room. There was merely a little toy train running on a track with the light shinning from the front of him. He would drove through pencils and by other objects to create beautiful shadows on the walls.

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