Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taichung Flower Exhibit

About an hour away from home on an almost free bus ride, I went to see flowers with Anne Marie and Joanna. The Bus dropped us off then it was a kinda short-long walk to the flower exhibit. There was tons of people, fields filled with millions of flowers, and also a lot of food stands.

This is their Thanks Giving display. They actually had a mini corn field, kinda funny, but I guess they don't get to see corn everyday like we do in the States.

The walk back to the bus station was really far and hot. We probably walked for half and hour and had a lot more to go. While we were walking a car pulled over to talk to Joanna. Joanna said something and before I knew it, we were getting a ride from a stranger. She seemed really nice and asked us if we wanted to go somewhere. We said sure. We ended up taking a 1:30 hour trip to some mountain for a hike.

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