Saturday, December 17, 2011

Taiwan Hospitality

I took a trip up to Naili to see my friend Michael and go skate with him. I was hungry from my long trip so I stopped at McDonalds to grab a bite to eat. The line happened to be really long and the service was really slow at the time. When I noticed a lady in the very front of the line, look back at me and point. She then points to the ground where she is standing. I realized she was signaling me to come to her, I walk up to the front of the line and order my food. Unsure of what was really going on, I though maybe all the people in front of me had possibly ordered already. I then asked Michael, "did I just cut all those people?" "Yes." Apparently this isn't the first time it has happened to foreigners...just another day in Taiwan Hospitality.

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