Monday, November 28, 2011

Kenting Vacation

After the SYME fall term ended we get a week vacation to relax and get away from work. We decided to go with a group of students to Kenting. Its about 2-3 hours south, known for its beaches. We stopped in Goushang for a day on the way down. In there Subway system is a very colorful room of lights and windows. It kinda shows the artist idea of the evolution of life.

We rode bikes along the cost and hung out in the Market. The picture above has a rode on the right that has collapsed either from an earthquake or poor building.

There is a famous you remember the glow in the dark stars you had as a kid, its kinda like that in there.

This is a cool bridge near the hotel we stayed in

This is our very colorful hotel room. With a beautiful view out the window. The pictures below are within 5 min. of my Hotel room.

While taking pictures this cat mustered from the rocks and came towards me, it quickly grew very fond of me and followed me while I took pictures.

We spent most of the day swimming. The Taiwanese that went with us really liked taking pictures of themselves in very location more then swimming. That night we went to the night market. (picture to the left is a man with a squirrel).  After the night market we went out to a field to look at the stars. I haven't seen stars like this in a long time. The sky in Taichung is very polluted and bright from the city.

After staying out late look at the stars I woke up at 4:30 am to go see the sunrise. There was many other Taiwanese there to see the sunrise also. We found a nice location on the edge of the cliff were most people fear to go...

We then went to a very touristy area. The rock formation on the right hand on the picture, I believe is supposed to look like a cat, otherwise known as the "Cat Rock".

Photo from Kim Tsai's iphone
We then went to the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life. The picture does not clearly show how amazing it was. The water was clearing then bath water. I could see to the bottom of the ocean clearly in 12ft deep water. The sand was perfect and the weather couldn't have been better. Everyone went home this day, but we (Jacob, Anne Marie, and Kim Tsai) spur of the moment decided to stay one more night.

The next day we first went to this fire mountain thing. It ended up being an enclosed no trespassing circle with a fire small camp fires. The cool side to it is that the fire is natural from gases in the ground that are constantly burning....probably just a leaky gas pipe.

After spending most of the day at the beach we headed home, but first stopping at one of the largest science museums in the world. As expected you will see things that promote the agenda of evolution even though there is no solid proof for it, however in Taiwan they also promote the agenda of their gods in the science museum.

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