Friday, March 25, 2011

Seattle Market

I arrived in Seattle, WA Saturday night. The original plan was to meet up with Jacob Smith to fly over to Taiwan together. However Jacob has to get surgery and will be coming to Taiwan a month late. While in Seattle he showed me around the city and other places.

The first day that we went to Seattle we visited the Public Market. There is a lot of little things that have some how became pretty famous. First of was the fish throwers. (I am not sure of the official name) When people order fish they grave the fish and throw it over the counter to the man in the back to put together the costumers order.

I am not sure why this pig is famous but everyone seemed to want to get a picture next to it.

The pig is actually a giant piggy bank. The money goes towards the homeless.

One of my favorite things in the Market was this creepy Bo Bo the Clown. (Picture Above). One the same street is the first ever Starbucks. It is a very small place but people would jam themselves in there anyway to say the bought a coffee from there.

If you go down the stairs right behind the creepy clown, you will find a famous wall known for its gum. Many people come to get a picture with the wall or to leave their own slime among the others. (Just don't back up to far when getting a picture)

Also along the ally is some cool graffiti that people put on the walls.
Some cool shops along the docks

The last place we went was the Columbia Tower, which is the tallest building in Seattle. It took us a while to get to the top becuase you had to keep alternating elevators. Plus we didn't want to pay for the viewing deck. So we rode the elevators until we found a floor we could look out the window. I believe the photo to the left was taken from the 36th floor from a Starbucks window.

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