Friday, March 25, 2011

Seattle: Fremont and Skateboarding

Seattle has a lot of interesting art around. More specifically under the Fremont Bridge they have this huge troll, that is holding a real Volkswagen bug car. Fremont is a very interesting place you can find many different things there that you wouldn't find anywhere else and probably would never want to encounter.

A very controversial statue in Fremont, is this one of Lennon. If I understand correctly this is not an original but a remake from an artist.

If I could only see one thing in Seattle it would be this skatepark. It is the Marginal Way skatepark, 100% built and funded by skateboarders for skateboarders. It is only about 5 years old now and I can still see tons of preparation to build more great things in this park. All the transition on the ramps is super steep and hard to skate.

After the skatepark we took the underground buses back home. No not subways they have underground tunnels for buses. They only drive underground for so long though before they rise back to earth.

After the skatepark we went to Tent City. Tent City is a community of homeless people that receive a permit to live on a piece of land for a amount of time. It is a very safe community their own members police and regulate rules to keep Tent City a safe place for themselves and other homeless people. In about a month their permit ends and they will travel to a new location.

Jacob and I went to help out the church to feed the homeless and to share with them the love of Christ.

This was my last day in the United States so I had to make it worth it. Jacob and I tried to be the most American we could, probably was we really didn't know what Americans did. We went out and ate pizza then got stuck on our plans. Everyone suggested we play baseball or watch TV but it didn't sound like fun to us. Jacob's mom kindly drove us around exploring new areas that we haven't been to. Eventually we got near Seattle and I was able to get this photo from Kerry's Park. The only problem was I didn't have a tripod, except for this mini one the size of a pen with bendy legs. However when using it with a 55-200mm lens zoomed all the way out it doesn't hold the camera very steady. If you look closely you can see that the lights on the buildings are a little stretched out.

The next day I woke up around 7am had my last meal in America, cold pizza for breakfast. At about 9am we left for the airport arriving at 10am for a flight at 1:50pm. When standing in line for my baggage claim I realized that my suitcase didn't feel right, then noticed that I forgot my skateboard. I began to cry...not really but if I was to forget anything that would have been my last choice.

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  1. Oh man forgetting the skateboard... so lame :P Man that park was beautiful...