Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekdays at the Tanners

I spent 4 days up in Grand Rapids with David and Jon Tanner. They both have work and school. So while they were away in the morning I would work on my homework and play Xbox (Halo: Reach and Assassins Creed II).  They would normally come home around 2-4ish, however one day we planned on skating a lot, but it rained. After waiting, it began to dry up thankfully. (This is all illustrated in the beginning of the video).

Trying to edit this video was irritating. I edit it all in iMovie, however the files from Jon's camera films in a TOD format, so you have to convert it, but it was causing the program to keep shutting down on me.

The idea of this video, and most of the videos isn't to play amazing skateboarding tricks, but to show skateboarding for what it is, fun and hard work. You don't alway end up landing the tricks you tried for hours but you had fun doing it.

My friend Kenny Hopkins sent an email to a skateboard company that streams new videos all the time, requesting that they show skateboarding for how it really is, were you try a hundred times to land one trick. Well, I would like to illustrate when you try a hundred times and don't land it. (It's not as easy illustrating the fun part because most of that happens off camera). Enjoy the Video:


  1. Dale its me Jonathan the video was awesome, I have to admit it really does show skating how it is, and how hard we strive to land the trick we want.