Thursday, September 16, 2010

Potential Skateboard Ministry

I have recently received an email from Christian Skaters Ministry. They are putting together a database for skateboard ministries around the world. They plan on making an iphone/ipod app. that will tell you where skate ministries are located, skate shops in the area, and other things related to skateboarding. They sent me an email requesting my information for my skate ministry. They had part of the form already filled out for me, with my name, my blog, my email, my facebook group, and my location (Taichung, Taiwan), with a little box checked that said, "potential ministry". Apparently someone over at Christian Skaters has found my blog, seen the different skate ministries I have been involved with, and noticed that I was going to Taiwan, and assumed that I have a potential skateboard ministry over there or me as a person has a potential skateboard ministry in general where ever I go.

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