Thursday, September 30, 2010

Snow Campers

No, its not Snow Camp again already. However I have been in contact with one of my snow-campers from this past year as a Unit Leader. Through Facebook I am able to talk to him once in a while to see what is going on. One I first met them, I was collecting contraband. They gave me a very hard time trying to get their cell phones. But after that was taking care of, we became good friends with the campers having a good time hanging out with them.

Eddie is from New Jersey, he has gone through a lot in his life. This past summer one of his friends was killed and now more recently his brother is going to prison on the charges of murder. I also met his brother as a snow camper. He was a really fun guy, if I remember right he gave me a piece of pizza that he bought for pizza night. They were at a party, when something happened, I am not sure all of the details, but people began shooting. Eddie's brother according to the police shot and killed another person. Eddie tells me that his brother didn't shoot the kid that died but shot someone else once in the leg.

I love both these guys very much, it is sad to see that he is going to prison for a crime he may have not done. If Eddie is right in the matter please pray that the evidence will be found out, so his charges will be less then murder. I would also like to ask for you to pray for Eddie and the rest of the family, that they see God's love and He will protect them. I don't know what kind of influence I had, or that Snowcamp had on them, I hope it was positive.

You never know the situations of the people that you meet and what will happen to them, make the most of every opportunity.

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