Sunday, August 8, 2010

Video Shoot: Project "Gossip"

Scene at Crunch Time: Nick, Mark, Jess, Kiki
It's been a while since I worked on any type of video. The last time I did a video was with Mark Wallenwine working on the Snow Camp: "Where Was God When?" Project. He asked me to come out and do a little acting in it for one scene. I gladly accepted, excited to work on another project. I also doubled as a set photographer.

Setting up the shot, Mark directing with coffee in hand.
Mark giving the actors a thumbs up.
Mark Wallenwine and Nick Levasseur wrote, filmed, and directed most of the film. Mark more on the directing side of things, while Nick did more of the filming. The main idea of the film is about gossiping. I don't want to ruin to much of it or give you to high/low expectations, so I will not give much detail until the video is available for viewing. Mark has come a long ways since I last worked with him. the pre-planning for the video was very extensive to the point that, he gave me a color spectrum showing the main colors for the film to set the mood that they wanted. Basing everything mostly off these colors, determined wardrobe and lighting. 

We had a pretty full schedule for the day, planning by the 15min. During the shoot we fell behind though. It became very hard working with peoples schedules, trying to get their parts filmed before they had to leave, while at the same time trying to get the best quality shots done.

Signing our souls away
The plan for the video is to put it up for sale at a few different websites, for the purpose of speakers being able to use the video in their messages when they speak. Because of legal things with selling the video we had to have model release forms signed and also property release forms. I helped get everything signed while Mark and Nick where filming.

We used a DSLR-Canon T2i to film the video at HD 1080p. Mostly using 50mm Lens, a 18-55mm, and a wide angle lens for the shots. Other equipment included a tripod, sound equipment (boom mic, sound board), shoulder mount, car mount, and a glide track.

Coffee Break...

This is is from the scene I was acting in. If you want to know what I did you will have to check it out when the video is available.

We shot at a few different locations (Lake George, Word of Life Property and areas around Schroon Lake). Most of the 'short' was filmed in Schroon Lake, NY at Crunch Time coffee shop. The owner was very kind in letting us use his coffee store for shooting the video. Head over to Crunch Time and enjoy the nice atmosphere.

Mark guiding Nick, helping him to avoid parked cars, people, and stepping off the curb.

Reviewing the footage

A few scenes we set up some cool lighting, bringing out a lot of green hue. This was the last shot I was involved with for the day. I will post later where you can find the video, after they are done with the editing process.

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