Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Party Days!

Jake, Kyle, Dale(me), and Corban
The summer is over, we all have graduated, yet there is still a few remaining at the Campus, but why? Well it is because we are in training for becoming International Missionary Interns. All together in one place still a crazy few, going out to spread the gospel in the near future. For the last few days that we will see each other for 2 years, we decided to have a few parties (non-alcoholic).

To embrace Jake and I's adventure to Taiwan, we decided to watch a couple Asian movies, to get into the culture. What first was a joke became reality, wanting to watch a movie called "Princess Mononoke", we decided to have a "Princess" party. So we wore pink, got magic wands, barbie hats, and a pink uni-corn to top it all off, as we watched animals and people get torn apart by bow n' arrows.

For the last night, we really wanted to party. Thankfully I always keep 50 glow sticks in storage at all times just in case. In a dark basement, we opened them up, and through the glowing fluid everywhere, including ourselves. After that we ran around outside in the dark, lighting the world around us.

I turned the brightness and shadow reduction way up so you could see better.

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