Friday, August 13, 2010

Day Off With Kyle Paradis

If you look in the center of the photo is a tiny yellow "O"
It is a lot more visible I just missed the photo.
It was Kyle's and my day off, with no idea what we wanted to do we began to go for a drive in search of "Great Adventure". On the way we decided that we wanted to climb a mountain. We didn't want to just climb any old mountain though, we wanted to climb a special one. There is always mountains on the side of the highway on the way to Glens Falls. We began to head that way to pick out one we liked. Then we remembered this one hill that has this "Hello" sign on the side of it. We both always have wanted to climb that, so we clocked the miles from the sign to the exit, to help us figure out the location.

We became separated from the hill by a river, taking off our pants, and shoes, we crossed the river. I found a board to float our shoes across, while Kyle carried our pants, and I carried my camera. The water got up to our chins at one point. The river was full of huge rocks, there was no sand our ground that you could touch, just slippery rocks. However we made it across without getting anything to wet.

There was some minor steep ascents to climb. But nothing to big, the climb ended up being a pretty small hill taking us like 10 min. to get to the top.
Bench to sit out to look out over the scenery.

We were expecting the sign to be on a billboard, but when we got to it, it wasn't. There was a sharpy left there for people to sign their names on it.

After the climb we headed to McDonalds for the 2nd time to get milk shakes, on the way we spotted a Mt. with a nice cliff on the side in Warrensburg. Kyle and I decided we were up for the challenge, having no climbing gear or hiking equipment we headed out to climb Hackensack.

We headed towards the rock looking/cliff section of the hill.

We started to take the trail, but decided taking tails is lame. We went off course to head up the steep climb, instead of taking the leisurely walk.

This was about a 90 degree angle, there was very steep parts that we climbed, trying to use trees, grass, and cracks in the rock to climb. I tried to climb this really steep section, but decided it was a bad idea, and got back to safety as soon as I could. We probably got to the top in about 20-15min. which saved us lots of time by not taking the trail.

A beautiful look out from the top.

No, I am not in an airplane

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