Monday, May 19, 2014

The Last 10 Days I was in Taiwan

Its been a long time since I lived in Taiwan. Because of complications with my computer and hard drive space among other things, I haven't been able to upload any of these photos. I finally went through the last pictures I had of Taiwan and uploaded them. I haven't done this much stuff in this short of time in a long time. I miss it very much and the cultural experience among many other things that Taiwan has to offer.

Rainbow Village and Taichung Overlook
2012/11/03 - 10 Days Left

台中 (Taichung City Skyline)

Taichung Docks
2012/11/04 - 9 Days Left

Burning Clothes
2012/11/06 - 7 Days Left

Night Skate Session and Overlook of Taichung at Night
2012/11/07 - 6 Days Left

Hitch Hiking
2012/11/09 - 4 Days Left

Burning Clothes Part 2
2012/11/11 - 2 Days Left

2012/11/12 - 1 Day Left

Cat Tea
2012/11/13 - The day I left Taiwan

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