Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Outerra Anteworld vs Real World Part 2: Taiwan

I wanted to take a closer look from the first blog post I made about Outerra's Anteworld, comparing the real world versus their video game world. If you don't know anything about the game please read my first post here.

I am going to be looking at specific locations and comparing them to what the real world actually looks like, to show how well or how bad they did recreating the world. Which is a huge accomplishment in the video game world what they have done already.

Below is a picture from google maps and a screen shot from Anteworld looking down on earth. Please click on the images to better see them. I actually labeled the locations that you can see on both maps. It is amazing how well they did replicating the shore lines. That is definitely the most impressive thing they've done in this game. I even tried to spot if they are missing any islands but it doesn't seem to look that way. Another impressive thing is how the land vegetation is similar looking in color in both worlds.  A interesting fact, this game world is actually round like the earth unlike most video games that feature a flat playing field.

As amazing as the game looks from space lets see how it compares to the land features. (Note: don't pay to much attention to detail because my computer doesn't run at the highest settings, I am looking more for structural forms that are correct or incorrect.) The game clearing doesn't place the right ground surface lots of times in the game, as you can see in the game its more rocky while in real life its very green. There is a structure of some kind in the real world but just ignore that the game isn't really modeling the world after man-made structures for now. However you can see from a distance that the mountain shapes are comparatively the same as in the real world. You can see that they seem to be missing the stems of rock that branch off into the water.

Please click on the next image to see a more detailed side by side comparison.

The mountains all seem to have the correct elevation in the game as in the real world. However, they lack the correct form and lack cliffs when there should be some present. 

I assume they got lucky on the design below. Where the world generated this rock in a pretty close place to them as it is in the real world. However, in the game this location lacks all the cliffs and land shape as it does in real life, but they did an excellent job on have the shape of the shore line weave in and out like it does in real life. One of the things that makes this video game world look so much like real life is because you can see as far as the eye can see in the video game, there is no distance limitations which is pretty similar to how our eyes work in real life.

Overall this game has impressed me a ton. I can't wait to see how far it comes along. I think they can do a lot of amazing things with it.

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