Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Outerra's Anteworld vs Real World

I first heard of Outerra's demo while scrolling through youtube watching stuff in the recommended pages when I came a crossed Gamersdissent's video. I immediately downloaded it by from http://www.outerra.com. Outerra is an amazing game world that has replicated the terrain of the entire world. You don't load levels the whole world is your level.

Sadly my computer does not have the power of most peoples gaming computers.I was a little worried about how well the game would run or if it would even work. Luckily it did work, however ran with very poor graphics and lots of lag. Even with my awful graphics the game still looks beautiful. 

One of the first things I wanted to do once i got into the game was to fly into outer space and see earth from the sky. It was like being a simulated google earth street view on steroids. One of my favorite features is that it does allow you to open up google earth in the lower right hand corner so you know where you are at. Sadly the game doesn't have an official day and night cycle. The shadow from the sunless earth blocked out a great view of America while in outer space.

I knew they didn't build mass cities in the game, but I wanted to find out how well the worlds features matched that of the real world. I was trying to think of a place that I knew pretty well that didn't have a lot of buildings on the features. I remembered a cool place when I was living in Taiwan so I decided to fly there to check it out.

As I walked around the flat surface of what was once a city filled with thousands of people I decided to go to the country side. It amazed me, what I saw when I got there. The terrain wasn't perfect but the elevation was pretty close and the coast lines where even more amazingly replicated. Below is a photo from the game and I photo from the real world that I took while living in Taiwan.

Click on the photo for a larger viewing.
If only the game would let me drive scooters around on the roads to bring back those wonderful memories of exploration on that beautiful island.

For only $15 you can back these guys up and get access to special game features like building roads and stuff.

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