Monday, August 29, 2011

Taipei Weekend

For the weekend we went to Taipei to spend some time with some students and have fun. Friday night after we arrived we went to an shaved ice parlor, eating ice cream (some with strange things in them) and wrote our names on the wall.

The next morning while everyone else was still sleeping I spent my time taking pictures and walking around the neighborhood. (photos below)

Man fixing a roof standing on the very edge with no safety lines (photo above). Man playing with a bird on his scooter.

Pigeon racing is big in Taiwan. As I took photos from the roof I was able to capture some pigeons as they circled the building in training for there Million $$$ races.

After taking pictures all morning I met up with my friends, taking buses and trains to see this bridge (photo below). None of my friends understood why I wanted to come here, just to take a picture. The sign has lots of funny "prohibited things" click on the image to take a closer look.

Near the bridge was a castle that turned out to be under construction. Photo below - Man burning money to his ancestors.

Saturday night we hiked up Tiger Mountain in the middle of the night to see the amazing view of the city. I still haven't made it for the sun set, so I must go back a third time to get that shot I want. I also wasn't able to have my tripod to take a good photo this night.

On the way down we ran into a large temple. The architecture was beautiful, every inch of the inside and outside of the temple had dragons or other creatures cut into the walls and pillars. 

Sunday I spent the day skating with my Canadian friend Michael. He drove me all over on his scooter to different spots to skate. Monday morning we headed back to Taichung to get reading for the week at SYME.

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