Monday, August 1, 2011

Pool Party Weekend

Photo by David Chang
This weekend was full of water fun. With the hot Taiwan summer it was a perfect weekend for some Pool Parties! Friday night we treated ourselves to a relaxing Hot Spring Spa, what would normally cost $100's in the U.S. cost about $10 in Taiwan. I fixed my body with some high pressured water sprayed at my back, while also spending the evening soaking in rose water and taking a mud bath.

Photo by David Chang
Saturday some students took us to ???. It is a place that is near the Ocean however the water is only a couple inches deep for about a mile or more out. There are many little crabs in the shallow muddy water to catch. (Me holding a crab - photo right). We made the long stretch out to the ocean to go for a swim. All the Taiwanese thought we were crazy but we had a good time. (First Photo - Jumping in the shallow water) This was the last time we are able to go here, because the government is closing it to the public.

Monday was spent at a tiny water park with the other teachers and a few students. We tried to take the water slides to the maximum speed using some foam boogy board things, causing us to ramp into the air.

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