Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend in Cheng Hua

Trying to win some fish - ring toss style

I went to ChengHua this weekend to spend time with an old student and to also check out the christian camp their church runs. The first night we arrived, we went to the night market something that becomes very common when living in Taiwan. (Photo: Turtle shaped food)

However we lost. So we went to the pet store. You can buy almost anything as a pet in Taiwan; crazy looking fish, tiny squarral like creatures, and sting rays, among other things.

We decided to go with the turtle.
It was a very hot day in Taiwan.

Even with the heat we played some "olympic" games  during the christian camp. Some which included water, asian style dodge ball and rock paper scissors. There was probably about 50 students that attended, I am not sure the numbers that didn't know Christ or accepted Christ from the week.

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