Friday, July 29, 2011

Round Island Trip - Taiwan

This last weekend, I took a 3 day road trip around the whole Island of Taiwan with another Missionary and his 2 interns.

The first day we headed to the southern point of Taiwan. We spent the night in the night market and the morning hanging out at the beaches before the tourist arrived.

We reached the very tip of the Island at this Lighthouse. Later that night we hit up a very busy night market.

This photo was taken behind McDonald's

We then headed out for the next location, driving most of the day until we arrived at our camping location. The night was spent sweating in my tent with little sleep and lots of heat!

The next day we went white water rafter on a class 0 river maybe class 1. Despite the lack of intensity and little risk of death or injury, we made the peaceful ride very fun, while entertaining the Taiwanese with our American culture.

As my legs burned sitting on another long drive, we stopped at the line known as Tropic of Cancer.

We then arrived in Hualian around 9. I finally enjoyed a nice hot American flavored pizza from Domino's. I haven't had pizza for 4 months. I enjoyed a 12" all to myself, eating every last bite. Also almost everyday we ate at McDonald's for breakfast.

While the guys rested from the long day, I headed out on the streets to skateboard and explore.

The next day we drove to Turkyo Ridge. Driving through the beautiful granite mountain ranges. Eventually we reached the top into the clouds, running from the heat into very cold raining weather.

At one point we had to wait 30min for them to clean up a landslide before we could continue.

The Clouds thickened up at the top of the mountians to the point we couldn't see much more then 10 feet in front of us at some points. Then within a few hours after driving through the mountains I arrived home around 3pm.


  1. this is sweet and i am jealous. however i must be the jerk that points out that you are also a tourist....:)

  2. I am not a tourist anymore, I live here man. Plus I wasn't doing the touristy things, I was doing all the stuff tourist don't know about. But yeah I a part of me is still a tourist but it is mostly just normal life now.