Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog Promoters

I am not really sure why but I notice some traffic to my blog from websites that I have never really heard of, so I clicked on the link to check it out.

Apparently on, which is a movie review site, I am a "Fellow Blogger" I do not know how I acquired this status or even if I can recall ever doing a movie review on my blog (possibly once or twice). And if I did do any movie reviews it was probably only on christian movie/skate video.
Then on, which is a website to promote your web on google I think (not really sure), it is "suggested" that you might want to visit my blog as you wait. I couldn't figure out what you would exactly be waiting for to happen. 
I do not know what connection I have with whoever puts these sites together and I am pretty sure I know everyone who is an official follower of my blog. However I can't argue, if they would like to promote my blog for whatever reason it interest them, I won't argue. I am thankful for the extra viewers sent over to check out what I'm about.

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