Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding and Jersey Video

It is finally done, I have finished the video documentary of my trip to the wedding and my week in Jersey working with SFNJ skateboard ministry.

I am sorry I have not been posting on my blog. My external hard drive crashed so I have no where to store all my GB's of photos/videos. This set me back a ton with the photos and video I had on my camera waiting to go onto my computer. I finally just went out and bought Memorex DVD+R 16x 4.7GB 25 Pack Spindle. I figured even after I get my hard drive back, I want to store my photos in two places this time instead of one, just in case it crashes again. I hope you enjoy the video.

Part 1

Part 2


  1. DUDE!!!!!!! solid video, i totally thought i was moving like 80x faster in the dumpster but i guess not....and at the end you forgot to add that i was 3 hrs late. I am also glad the Tornado Which made it in :)

  2. haha yeah, I was going to mention that, but I already had like a thousand song credits. I tried to keep it shorter. It was already to long.