Monday, April 20, 2015

Top 10 Most Exciting Things about Moving to Taiwan

Moving back to Taiwan has gotten my wife and I thinking about all the things we are really looking forward too! I took all the pictures below, these are real experiences I've had! Check out the top 10 things that I love about Taiwan!

1. Night Markets

Taiwan Night Market - Yi Zhong St. Center

Night Markets are the best places to find a late night snack, cheap things to buy, and just meet people or hang with friends playing carnival style games. It is generally really crowded but thats part of the fun! You can experience very cultural food here or play it safe with Taiwanese style corndogs and chicken steak.

2. Warm Weather/Beaches

Tropical Resort - Taiwan

Taiwan has a very warm climate. It passes through the Tropical line of Cancer. In the summer the temperatures will be 78-100 Fahrenheit. In the winter it will get down 55 Fahrenheit.

Taiwan also has some of the best beaches. If the water is calm you'll be able to see 7+ feet below.

3. Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese isn't going to be easy but its exciting. The challenge of it and joy when you start to understand something you could't before is like nothing else! Being able to listen in on a conversation and pick up parts of what they are saying is an awesome part about learning a new language. I can't wait to start studying Chinese again!

4. Beef Noodle

Taiwan has a lot of interesting foods. Lots of them are very terrifying to try. However, there is some foods that I've been craving since the day I left. Mostly Beef Noodle. Its basically just big chunks of beef and noodles, often served with some cooked vegetables in it. It only costs about $2 for a big bowl.

5. Tea Shops

Tea shops are everywhere in Taiwan. Almost every block you will run into at least one tea shop. I am not a big fan of tea but they carry a good selection of fresh fruit drinks. You can choose how cold you want it and how much sugar to put in it. In America these kind of teas would run about $5-8 but in Taiwan you can get it for $1-3.

6. Convenience

Taiwanese are all about convenience. They have special phrases in their language pertaining to how convenient things are. Taiwanese have mastered convenience. You will have any trouble finding a 7-11 or similar shop. There is a 7-11 for almost every other building in Taiwan. You can often find two or three 7-11's within a 1 block radius.

7. Scooters

Taiwan Four Person Scooter

There dangerous but oh so much fun. Having a scooter will almost guarantee you'll be able to find a place to park in the crowded cities of Taiwan. Without one enjoy driving around for hours trying to find a parking spot. They are an excellent mode of exploration and fun.

8. The City

Taichung's Wen Xin Road

I love the city! The tall buildings, the traffic, the people everywhere, its the best. Taiwan's cities are mostly all hit with a mountain in the background also. Causing for some beautiful scenery on clear days.

9. National Health Insurance

One of the best things is the cost of health care! Even without health insurance it doesn't cost you that much to go to the hospital. However when you have a Healthcare Card your set. Oh, you feel a little sick? Go to your local health care physician and get pumped with medicine for a total cost of $10 USD.

10. The People

Taiwanese are very unique, creative, and fun people. We do have our cultural differences but that's part of what is so exciting and fun about building friendships with them. There is so much you can learn from living in another culture surrounded by people who grew in another world.


  1. Enjoyed your descriptions, but having lived in the island for years, it seems that some more critical thinking would help a lot and make Taiwan even better: 1) Night markets, please have a look at the various food scandals in Taiwan during the last years. Food sold (unfortunately not only at night markets) is of mediocre quality, dried Tofu dyed with cancerous food dyes, just one example out of countless others. 2. Beaches: with the exception of the East and Southern coast the quality of the water sucks, especially at the beaches close to the big cities. Very much polluted. In addition, have fun swimming at Taiwan's 'nuclear beach' in Kenting (just a bit of googling helps ) 7. Scooters are polluters and dangerous. Sorry, no fun for pedestrians and cyclists. 9. National Health Insurance. Cheap. If I am really sick, I still rather go to Europe though .. could be a long discussion. Taiwanese doctors are well trained, but forced to see many more patients a week than any doctor could bear in Europe or North America. Think yourself if this could have any impact on quality? ...and finally, the cost for qualitative better food is not less than Europe or North America. Just bought 500 g of organic flour today in Kaohsiung: 100 Taiwan Dollar, that is 3,20 US Dollar, in Germany it would be 0,80 US Dollar! Same for quality beef (not the one used in beef noodles). Nothing against the rest, but a bit more critical thinking could help, Taiwan is a nice place, but not the paradise.

    1. Oh, I agree with you. There is a ton of things with Taiwan that is dirty and not very high quality. Some things are a lot more expensive but some things are cheaper too. This is just a list to show why I'm excited to move back.

      Yes I love the Night Markets but I know there is a lot of stolen products being sold and cheap foods (just don't eat those).

      Yes scooters are dangerous and pollute the air, but I love driving them.

      I know Taiwan's beaches are limited by their industry of shipping etc. But I have been to Kenting when I could see to the bottom of the Ocean. Its more clear then any beach I've been to in America on the East Coast. I mostly swim at "white" sand beach. (I don't think its real white sand) Which isn't as close to the Nuclear Power Plant.

      Also look out for my blog about the top 10 things that I don't look forward to when moving to Taiwan... :) trying to stay positive in this one.

      Thanks for your points Jens. You didn't bring up some things that do suck with a lot of the positive things about Taiwan.