Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hocking Hills Camping

My wife and I - photo by Larissa Ley

Anne Marie and I took a three day weekend camping trip to Hocking Hills with three other married couples. We were lucky enough to be able to borrow all our camping equipment. The first night we arrived we mostly just set up camp and sat around the fire. Putting up the tents wasn't as easy as it usually seems to be. The construction of my tent was different then the usual. After we got about 5 different people to help us we managed to put it together. That night we spent some time fishing and hanging out by the lake, then of course sitting around the camp fire talking.

Photo by Larissa Lay

The next day we headed out to go for a hike. We started at the visitors center and just followed the trail to Old Man's Cave. Old Man's Cave is apparently a location, that looks more like a natural rock over hang, where a man once lived by himself.

There was a designated path but we chose to stray off it a bit.

Many tourists here besides us.

This is part of Old Man's Cave. It was actually hard to get a good picture of it without standing on the other side of the valley. It is a really big natural structure of rock creating a roof for the man that lived here.

Trying to catch Craw Fish

It wasn't long into our hike that we arrive at this waterfall. First Josiah went for a swim and before we knew it most of us were in the water swimming in our clothes too.

Anne Marie and I on the far left - Photo by Josiah Ley

Myself crossing the log - photo by my wife

Eventually we made it all the way to this waterfall. In pictures it looks cool but I assume those pictures where taken in the spring when there is more water flowing. By this time most of us were ready to get home. I would have been fine with hiking more but my wife's knee was bothering her. We headed back to the camp sight then enjoyed the rest of the day at the camp sight and swimming the campground's pool till dinner.

After dinner we headed out to get ice cream and to just drive around. We ended up stopping by Angel Falls which was my favorite sight in Hocking Hills. It has a tiny 100ft water fall and was once  known to be occupied by Indians.

The next day we headed home and spent the day relaxing.

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