Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tainan, Taiwan (Trip Part 1)

What started out as a four hour, fun trip driving scooters turned into a twelve hour adventure, through the mountains. I knew it was a little longer going through the mountains but I didn't anticipate it taking that long. In Taiwan scooters aren't aloud on the highway, and some how we ended up on one, giving us a police escort. Luckily he left us off. Then we finally arrived from Taichung to Tainan at 5am.

Not to long into our day, I decided to climb a tree (left picture). However Grant the Korean decided to try to, but fell and twisted his ankle pretty good.

Five Concubine Temple

Apparently there was an Emperor with five concubines. Eventually he died and the dedicated themselves to honoring him or something silly and mystical sounding. (its been to long ago for me to remember all the details)

One of my favorite parts about Tainan is all the history. I think Tainan has best preserved its historical places then all of Taiwan. (Photo: Old Temple's and gods with plaques to historical figures)

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