Monday, October 1, 2012

Funny Things Taiwanese Say

My Students
Me: "What do you like to do for fun?"
Taiwanese Most Common Answer: "Sleep"

Me: "What did you do for fun this weekend?"
Taiwanese: "I ate."
Me: "Did you do anything else?"
Taiwanese: "I slept and played Facebook."

Me: "When you lived in Canada what did you like to do?"
Taiwanese: "I played hockey."
Me: "You played hockey? I didn't know you liked hockey."
Taiwanese: "Well that's what everyone else did. I never played hockey."

At Mcdonalds
Me: "Can I have the coke float but with no ice?"
Taiwanese: "No, it comes with ice."
Me: "But I don't want the ice can you just not put it in."
Taiwanese: "It only comes with ice, we don't have it without ice."

Me: (in Chinese) "Number 1"
Taiwanese: (in English) "You want the number 1?"
Me: (in English) "Yes"

Taiwanese Employee 1: (in Chinese) "Oh no, Do you think he speaks Chinese?"
Taiwanese Employee 2: (in Chinese "No he doesn't"
Me: (in Chinese) "I'll have the Number 3"
Taiwanese 1: (in Chinese) "pheww, he knows Chinese"

Tea Shops
Me: "Can I get the Mango Ice Cream Green Tea but without the tea?"
Taiwanese: "No, you have to get it with the tea."
Me: "I'll pay the same price, I just want the ice cream. I don't want the tea on it."
Taiwanese: "Sorry, but the ice cream comes with the tea."

On the Street
Me: (in Chinese) "Whats your name?"
Taiwanese: (in Chinese) "I don't speak English."
Me: (in Chinese) "I'm speaking Chinese."
Taiwanese (in Chinese) "I don't understand English."

Me: "Hey would you like to hang out today?"
Taiwanese: "Sorry I have a really big test coming up next year that I really need to study for."


  1. This is so funny! Please post more as they as they happen!

  2. when i tried to think about the conversations between taiwanese and american, i think it is really funny which means defferent culture showed defferent habbits and sometimes it is odd for others but it is still our sweet the way...if one day i become president of Taiwan, maybe I would educate people to get rid of some narrow thinking if it come to pass...I will Mr.Dale would like to come to Taiwan again...for we could give you a brainnew thought of taiwan...hahaha~~~

  3. haha, I like Taiwan, this was just really funny things I ran into while interacting with Taiwanese that you would probably never run into in America.