Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chia Yi Skatetrip (嘉義)

 We decided to take a trip to Jia Yi (嘉義), with a bunch of local Taichung Skaters. The first place we showed up to was the skate park which wasn't much.

There was a big idol parade going on right by the skate park. The firecrackers left smoke that looked like someone dropped a bomb.

 We then skated this plaza which was full of ledges. No one cared if you skated there. A bunch of the locals have repaired the ledges and have rails and boxes to skate also.

 I'm pretty sure we were the first to skate this in the park. Isun was trying to get a 50-50 but didn't land it before we had to leave. (left photo: Strectching?)

Isun got tired and decided to put his face on the ground.

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  1. where is the skate park you went to ? is it in chia yi city or county?