Monday, July 16, 2012

Taiwan Night Market - Yi Zhong Night Market (一中街)

It is habitual for the Taiwanese to head to the night markets every weekend. If you go on vacation they will tell you about the famous night market in that city (having such a small country you eventually realize that everything is kinda famous).  The streets fill up with crowds of mostly college and high school students.

The night market food and atmosphere is one very similar to a carnival. They have corn dogs, candied; strawberries, tomatoes, and Taiwanese plums, many different kinds of teas, and lots of clothing stores.
Sleeping on the Job

Some people don't consider the fact of the crowds of people when trying to drive a car or scooter down the streets. For everyone else they take the next road to avoid the crowd.
What makes the night market so special is the strange smells. I would describe it but my description might offend those reading this. The stinky tofu stand is the easiest thing to find, as to the smell that helps you find its location. The Taiwanese love to share their strange foods with you and feel like your the one missing out if you don't try it. Here are some first timers trying out the stinky tofu.

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