Friday, June 29, 2012

Bike Trip Part 2 (Day One)

We started riding at 4:30pm with our bikes roped with things to the side and back of it, from Shovels to skateboards and giant jugs of water.

(I didn't take as many pictures this time just because I wanted to experiment with video.)

It wasn't long before we weren't 100% where we were. After following the sun we managed to get stuck on the wrong side of a river shooting us far west instead of south. After a long bike trail someone guided us to a bridge to get across the river.
7:30pm (25.4km) - Jake began dragging behind, only to find out he had a flat tire. He just replaced the tire the day before.

After walking across the bridge and too the first Family Mart (like a 7-11) we saw, we managed to get help to find a bike shop. The Family Mart employee showed us the way. While there with the very friendly bicyclist mechanics, Jake decided to get new handle bars, a new higher seat bar, replaced a broken peddle, replaced the back tire air tube and the front wheel entirely.

We continued to ride until about 1:30am going a total of 61.1km, for the day. We found a place nice place at Fuhai Park to camp, 16km south of Lugang.

Point A - Starting Point
Point G - Wrong turn that got us stuck on the wrong side of the river sending us North West.
Point I - Jake gets a flat tire
Point K - Our Camp site

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