Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mexico, Taiwan (Kenting)

We took a trip down to Kenting, Taiwan with 10 people. It was a hard decision to go because I had exams the following week. I had lots of work to get finished.

The first night the guys stayed at Victors house. While there I found a bunch of cowboy like hats. We ended up wearing them down to Kenting, pretending to be like Mexicans.

As I looked around, I realized, Taiwan is Mexico! But everyone forgot there hats and tacos.
I added the mustache

While we were driving down the road, I joked about wanting to have my picture taken with a cow, because of our outfits. The Taiwanese driver, Victor, slammed an the brakes. And both of the Taiwanese in the car yelled, "WHERE!" while frantically looking both ways with their heads to find the cow. I forgot that Taiwan doesn't have many cows and it is kinda a touristy thing to go see them. But eventually we found their cows.

It was difficult taking a picture of our hotel room because it was sooo huge. Actually it was one tiny room with beds and a bathroom. You can see the whole thing from this photo. However, it was cheap.

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