Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tainan Skate Trip 1

Homer - riding the curve (this spot isn't that great actually)
This weekend is a Chinese Holiday called Peace Day giving us tuesday off of work. Some friends from Naili (Homer and Michael and his family) come down to skate. Taking the train in took extra long because there was a 6.1 earthquake on the way in. (Photo: Michael - fs 180 at full speed)
We rented scooters for the day driving around looking for spots to skate. Key to this is to find the schools. (Michael - wall ride)
After a long day of skateboarding we went to Taiwan's biggest night market. When you combine biggest with holiday weekend, you get a whole lot of people.

All the hotels were booked. We ended up getting a great deal on one for only about $10 each, however there is a price you pay for not paying much of a price. (The smell, the size, the cleanness, the neighbors, the safety, etc.)

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