Monday, February 23, 2015

Funny Things People from Akron, OH Say

I did a similar post about Taiwan a few years ago and decided to do it about Akron, Ohio. These are some of the strange, weird thinking, and funny things people say here in Akron, Ohio, that either I or my wife have heard generally multiple times.

These are real conversations that have happened over the past year in Akron, OH.

At the Jewelry Store
Little Girl: "It's my birthday"
Mom: "No its not don't be tellin lies"
Dad: "Don't be lying to people, unless your trying to get something for free."

In the Grocery Store
Child (with parents) singing a song he previous heard "#$%@ %#@ S@$@$ %$#T &^&$%"

At Walmart
Lady on phone while laughing "I went to jail again..."

Talking to the Homeless
Homeless Guy: "Can you spare me some money."
Me: "Where did you get the money for those cigarettes...?"

Another time:
Homeless Guy: Can I have some money?
Me: I'll buy you some water or an Arizona...
Homeless Guy: I don't want that I want a Polar Pop.
Me: I'm not buying you a Polar Pop...

At the Skatepark
Weekly Facebook messages: "What time do you guys open?"
Me: "We open the same time as we did the last week you where here. We also have our hours and events posted on our Facebook page."

Talking to Friends
Me: "I lived in Taiwan for two years."
Friends: (immediately after) "Honey, He lived in Thailand."

Me talking about Taiwan...
Friends talking about their travels: "I've never been out of Ohio before."

At Chinese Restaurant
Me, about to speak Chinese...then realize they aren't actually Chinese.

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