Thursday, December 6, 2012

Screen Share Hack

Recently while skyping I came across and interesting problem. I wanted to quickly share my screen with a friend to show them a picture. This would save time instead of emailing it or sending it too them through Skype. However it to the screen you see below:

Apparently now they want me to pay to screen share. Luckily I came up with a way to avoid this problem. If you don't feel like paying the money to screen share here is all you need to do. First make sure your video is on. Then face your computer towards any mirror. The camera on your computer will see the screen of your computer reflected in the mirror and it will be shared for free to your friend.

But there is another alternative. Google Hangouts allows you to do many things for free that Skype charges you for. Like; Video Chat with multiple people at the same time, screen sharing, games, working on shared projects with Google Drive, and being able to wear hats and grow mustaches.

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