Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Taiwan Construction

 If you are into construction, the following images might be to graphic for your viewing.

Taiwan doesn't have many rules when it comes to construction. Though they do have standards that are barely followed.

I will see a group of men starting work on something, and maybe a 2 weeks later they will have finished laying sidewalk brick in a 10ft section without taking much thought into even leveling the ground.

 Wires hang across the side walk then stream up the side of the building.
 Not only are the wires everywhere they are missing a lot that goes with this door.

Everyday I walk by this on the way home from work. I've always hated the ugly wire hanging on the trees, wondering why they didn't just bury it. Well they finally tore down the ugly wall and trees to rebuild it. They put in nice new trees and instead of burying the wire, they tied it back to the trees. The photos show the new wall put in place with the new trees. Taken right after typhoon.

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