Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family Fun Day

For the first time we tried to run what we call a “Family Fun Day” with our students. We wanted to reach out to the community in which the SYME location is located. We had games, a bouncy house, English stories, information on SYME, and also Bible stories, that were made fun for the children.  The goal of the day was to just do something special and fun for the community and teach those who came about Christ. We played more games then talked but one person accepted Christ that day.

We had a bunch of game tables with different challenges and activities for the children. (A lot of the parents enjoyed the time as we baby sat for them.)

We read Cat in the Hat, having the kids interact with the story and also had Bible stories for the children to learn in a fun way.

No, we didn't provide medical treatment, this is Amy giving the children face paintings. 

For some reason Taiwanese men think doing this hand motion on your face for a picture makes you look more handsome, I just think it makes you look like you have a hand on your face.

All photos taken by other SYME students and Staff.

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  1. Good try~Family fun day!!!handsome Dale~~~