Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SYME Chapel Skit

For this weeks Chapel Time Jake, 2 of the female students and I had the skits. Chapel is a time we have everyday for the students to lead praise and worship, verse memory and translating jobs.

The theme was godliness. In our first skit we went through Jacob's life as a horrible person. He kicked a cat on the way to school, disrupted the classroom, and stole a nerd's(me) lunch money. After he went home he had a nightmare about the people he was mean to that day. When he woke up he realized he needed to change his life. Then in part two later on in the week he got some intensive Christian training.

After the training was done, we relived his life being nice to the cat, being good in school, and paying back the nerd for stealing his money. Jacob then went home and had a dream were everyone he was nice too that day was friends with him.

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