Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SYME Friend Day Summer 2011

I know this blog post is a little late. I have been really busy trying to do other things. But I have finally gotten around to giving you the update of the last day of SYME from last term.

We started out with Jimmy and Rebecca introducing who comes up next well also being our humor.

Anne Marie directed the Choir as they same beautifully for all to enjoy.

Wei Wei shared her testimony as Jessica C. translated.
We proceeded that with a skit about light.
Gail, from Korea, led us in learning a Bible verse.

The director of SYME Taiwan, shared with us from God's Word while Nikki translated for about 100+ people to hear. Many who have never heard the Gospel message before.
To finish things off was a term of happy hands, which I directed and taught.

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