Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SYME Summer Term Recap

Friend Day -Chris Preaching to Many guest as Nikki translates
The Summer Term of SYME is now over. We had 40 students from mostly Taiwan, but also 3 from Korea, 1 from Brazil and another student from South Africa. We were able to see 6 of our students accept Christ. Some of our students struggle with making a decision because of the fear of the response from their parents or grandparents.

Friend Day went great. We had many people come out to see the show! A editor of a newspaper came out and was very impressed. He is allowing us to put a free advertising in his magazine worth $7500US.

Looking back I made a lot of mistakes in my teaching, also with other things, relationships and taiwanese culture that I hope to change in the future. I am continuing learning new things about the Taiwanese. And as I understand the language a little more and live hear, I understand a little more why things are the way they are.

This next week we have 3 days before the next term really starts beginning. We have many things to do to prep for the school and the new teachers that are arriving thursday. (Some things we need to do...things that are left over after cleaning for 8 hours...)

For the new term I had to move to a new apartment because our lease was up with the one I was living in.  This could possibly happen every couple months depending on the number of guy and girl students each term and the teachers that come in.

So far it looks like we will be having 7 male students and 10 girl students for the next term. Please pray for these students and my ministry among them.

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