Friday, April 22, 2011

Missionary Map

Here is a map I made in photoshop using mostly other people's photos combining them to create this map. I created the map by first googling photos of winkled brown pieces of paper. I then searched for maps that only had the black lines. After combining the too, I added many flags of countries, among other things and tried to edited the brown paper and the lines of the map to make it look old and adventurous.

Click on photo to enlarge

The original idea of this map was to create a map displaying all my friends who are missionaries around the world. The people on this map are mostly 21-25 years old. Most of them are missionaries with Word of Life as Interns (like I am), along with a few others.

I just love looking at the map and seeing all the places that my friends are serving the Lord.

I made this back in Jan-Feb and completely forgot about it. So here it is!

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