Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shred the Sleds Promotion

This Sunday (Dec. 19, 2010) is the Shred the Sled session at 1:30 p.m.

This event is for the "extreme". Those who want to get gnarly on a sled with some jumps and rails. Sleds only. (no snowboards, skis, snow skate, etc.)  The purpose is to take the basic idea of skateboarding, taking to the sledding genre.

What to Bring:
1. Warm Clothes
2. Your own Sled
3. A Shovel (for building more stuff)

If you would like to come contact via facebook or email.
We need more help building more ramps and making the ones we have better, if you would like to help build, thursday between 1-5 we will be building more ramps.


4ft Jump 

It has a 8ft gap to the landing ramp.

(when the jump was at 2ft high we could gap out 8ft)

The Straight rail.

There is about a small hill to help you onto the rail, with a 1-2ft drop off the end.

There are banks on the side to slide off the edge instead of hitting the drop.

Hand Rail.

Its has a 3-4ft drop.

This is probably the most ghetto object.

You ride down the hill onto the platform, which sticks out, giving you the height for the rail.
Wall Ride.

This is probably my favorite object.

It has a curved ramp that slides you right into position for the wall ride, with a landing ramp on the other side.

You can probably easily get enough speed to just launch off the end of it.

I have some other additions to the ramps but you will have to wait for the event/video to see them.

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