Monday, December 13, 2010

Ministry in Taiwan

This is a top view of Taiwan.
Taiwan is located 100 miles off the the south east coast of China.
It is 250 miles long.
March 23, 2011, I will be moving to Taiwan to become an English teacher at a school called SYME with the organization Word of Life.
I will be gone for 2 years, coming back December 2012.

This is a photo of Taichung, Taiwan.

This is where I will be living.

Taichung is the 3rd largest city in Taiwan.

1,040,725 people live in this city.

I will be living in an apartment among them.

There is a total of 20.8 million people who live in Taiwan.
Over the course of the 2 years I am there I will be learning to speak Mandarin Chinese.
As I learn the language my ministry to the people I am living among will expand.

The chinese dialect is one of the hardest languages to learn.
More then 800 million people speak Mandarin Chinese.

Taiwan currently has the tallest building in the world towering at 1,644 ft.

They also have some of the fastest trains in the world called "Bullet Trains", going up to 186 mph.

93% of the Taiwanese population believe in Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.

That is about 20.4 million people who believe in one of these three religions.

While there is 2.6% protestant Christians.

That is 605,000 people out of a population of 20.8 million.

These statistics is the main reason I want to go to Taiwan. The people of Taiwan really need to hear about Jesus Christ.

SYME stands for School of Youth Ministry in English.

I will be teaching English, discipleship, and teaching the Bible

For 13 hours a day students are only aloud to speak English.

About 20 students come a semester (8 months).

SYME trains them in not only learning English but teaches them more about the Bible and ways to share Christ.

I fell in love with Asia as I learned about the need for Christ in their country from talking to students when I went to the Word Of Life Bible Institute.

I need to raise $2,600 for set up fees (transportation, visa, and missionary training)

I also need $1,200 monthly support.

If you would like to support the ministry please CLICK HERE

If you would like to learn more about what I am doing please email me at

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