Monday, November 15, 2010

WOL Superbowl

Paul and Courtney
The WOL Superbowl went great. The Event started at the K-wings Stadium with the classic K-wings hockey game. Paul Gille and his new wife ran the event with all duct tape outfits. Paul always seems to wear crazy clothes to his events, especially superbowl.

The K-wings didn't do so good. The score was 1-3. There wasn't a single fight in the game, a few close ones though. However the referee prevented any fights from happening. (Click on the image to get a larger image of the referees face)

The Gospel was clearly shared by a old sports coach who retired to spread God's word. There was a church that showed up late to the event and missed the whole gospel presentation. So Paul Gille presented the Gospel to them anyway and if I remember right 6 of those kids accepted Christ! The total number of kids was around 173 people who came accepted Christ that night!

After the Gospel was shared we played a ton of crazy games. My friend David Baker (used to work with him at Arby's) came out to hang out with me one last night before he left back for the Navy the Saturday.
After the hockey arena, groups went to bowling allies and the Western University Sports Complex for rock climbing, basketball, laser tag, volleyball, etc. David and I helped serve pizza at the bowling alley then we headed to the sports complex to play the rest of the night.

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