Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taiwan Info

I just wanted to tell you more about Taiwan and what I am up too. I just got my first support in this past week. I still have a long ways to go. Please continue praying for people to commit to supporting me monthly. I appreciate one time gifts greatly too. But monthly is what I really need to get.

Not many of you really know where Taiwan is. Most of the time when people her about my trip they say, so "When are you leaving for Tailand"..."No, its Taiwan, not Tailand". Taiwan is a island located 100 miles off of the southeastern coast of China.

Not that you know where Taiwan is we can move on. The main language that they speak is Mandarin Chinese. I will be learning the language the 2 years that I am there. I am currently trying to use (similar to Rosette Stone)to help assist my learning before hand and also I have been watching a Taiwanese tv drama "Black and White" to help me get use to hearing the language.

About 93% of the people in Taiwan are Buddhist or some other type of Idol worship religion. Only about 2-4% claim to be christian. The spread of the gospel is greatly needed in this country.  I heard from a video a missions organization made, said that the amount of missionaries in Taiwan has been declining. I will be going there to invest into many students of Taiwan to teach them more about God, then they will be able to go back into their towns, and teach their family and friends more about Christ. They will be able to use their english for further Bible schooling in the states or for different ministry and jobs.

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