Sunday, September 19, 2010

Making Things More Beautiful...

A friend of mine, Kayla Simmons, asked me to do some work on a photo, joking around. But I did anyway so I could learn from it.

Today, I was on Lynda (which I get free through Liberty University), learning how to use photoshop, for about an hour. Starting with the basics working my way through, I learned how to make a fat guy skinny and give him some muscle, how to take blemishes out of faces, and use a few different tools. So, I took her photo and tried to apply what I learned earlier in the day.

It was my first time, I realized I made the white of the eye to bright/white, and there is other things I could have done, but don't know how, or didn't do them correctly.



(My Title: "Making Things More Beautiful...", I am not implying that she isn't already beautiful)

1 comment:

  1. daww you.
    this is only the first day too! youll have to use this photo as a gauge to see how much youve learned. haha.
    btw i wrote in my bloggspot today!